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A Superhero's Certainty - pollicem

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September 3rd, 2010

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12:37 pm - A Superhero's Certainty
Title: A Superhero's Certainty
Author: pollicem
Pairing: Tom/Harry
Rating: PG-15
Fandom: Harry Potter
Theme: #7 - Superstar
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Harry is certain. It fills him up, he breathes it in, it’s lodged in his walk and his gaze and his thoughts and fingertips, and he knows exactly what he wants, what he needs, always.

(we’ve got to protect the stone!)

Because Snape’s evil, Dumbledore’s great, McGonagall’s scary but likes him a lot, Draco’s a rich obnoxious shithead, and he and Ron and Hermione will be friends forever.

(it’s in moaning myrtle’s bathroom, it has to be!)

So if Harry never errs in thought or form, not when he wraps his fingers around golden metal, or shouts a curse that scores skin with long, bloody lines, then how come he’s so fuzzy around Tom? His breath jumps and his arms hurt and his cock wants, and Harry’s stuck in a dream of hair that demands to be mussed, and that smirking, kissable mouth, and the perfect pointedness of chin, and the economy of those hands, but fuck it’s Tom Riddle, and he’s stuck in a few preserved pages of a destroyed book, and he’s evil anyway, so what the fuck is Harry supposed to do?

(fuck! tom, god yes - more!)

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