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Like riding a bike

A couple of weeks ago, my computer was down for a round (but thankfully not for the count). I went through and tried to back up everything I needed, and rediscovered fanfiction I'd written over a decade ago.

Much of what I wrote I don't remember writing. The turns of phrase surprise me. I've forgotten the plot progressions. Most of the stories are mundane, but some astounded me. But I must have written them, because the files rest in their folder, sometimes multiple drafts, downloaded to this computer from its long-dead predecessor. I can see that my writing has developed in the intervening decade as my goals have changed, some of which I'm proud of, but I miss elements of what I used to aim for. 

And I realized I never did finish my 30_kisses Tom/Harry project. It's funny, because my name is still listed beside the pairing in the community. The last time the community was updated was in 2015. It's taken me a lot longer than the 2 month deadline, and will surely still take me longer yet, since I'm not done.

But I kind of thought hell, why not?

Falling out of Love

It's been a while. I've moved on to quite a few other things, but I got nostalgic this morning and thought I'd post something for old time's sake.

Falling out of Love

"Mmmmm," Harry hummed into Ginny’s mouth. Her tongue flicked against his and her fingernails scraped his back, prickling him through his shirt. She leaned toward the bedroom, pulling Harry with her.

"Should we-" Kiss.

"Continue this-" Kiss.

"Horizontally?" Kiss.


But Harry’s tongue, hands, and back were lying to her. His feet, bare and buried in the living-room carpet of the flat, tried to insinuate their truth, but neither Harry nor Ginny paid much attention.

“Come on.” She pressed herself into Harry, breasts yielding against his chest, and then danced away.

Harry grinned and uprooted his heavy feet, following her.